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Alfred F. Jones ([personal profile] freedomsexual) wrote in [personal profile] pledged_to_me 2012-08-25 05:07 am (UTC)

The scurrying leprechaun had him spooked because ghosts could be here and he was small and cute and they might want to gobble him up. So he eagerly reached up for the scooping and wrapped his arms around her side so that he could stay put. They wouldn't bug him if he was near her, right?

"Haha I like the printing press when I saw it. Handy for newspapers and stuff..." so used to reading typeface nowadays he got headaches reading handwritten works so... he might just skim through and look for interesting pictures. If there were any and if Ireland were of the skill to draw them.

Sticking his tongue out at the leprechaun he made a face at it. Sure, he might be magically cursed but he had someone who would look after him and keep the creepy crawlies away. But if Ireland looked he was the very visage of angelic-- didn't want to make the magical lady helping him angry and all.

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