pledged_to_me: (Shy?  Only Looks Like It.)
Brigid Erin Aine O'Donnell [Republic of Ireland] ([personal profile] pledged_to_me) wrote 2012-08-20 10:08 pm (UTC)

It was far too easy to fall back into the old habits, reaching down absently to rest her hand lightly on the back of his shoulders, slowing down her step so that his tiny legs could keep up. "Aye, 'course he does, mischievous lad."

First stop was her bedroom, where she dug around her closet (flinging a few things of yarn in the process) until she found a pair of shorts and a longer sleeved shirt. "Aye, here we are. Nay need to be worryin' 'bout the stretch, be puttin' you back in the blanket for puttin' you proper 'gain. Thinkin' though you'd be bein' more comfortable with clothes while I'm goin' through me books."

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