freedomsexual: (America: That's a Promise)
Alfred F. Jones ([personal profile] freedomsexual) wrote in [personal profile] pledged_to_me 2012-08-16 03:46 am (UTC)

More than readily he held his fingers up to his fine eyebrows, making a scowl face that was an impressive impersonation of the one who cursed him. Though there was an issue with this curse because it would be all too simple for America to make his way over to Ireland and request her help. It seems as though a quick fix might be worse than the curse itself.

"He says it's complicated," huffing, he folded his arms and pouted, hating how he sounded small when he was actually not small. Not at all. "Told me before I ran off." So now he rested his cheek against her because secretly he hoped Ireland had a trick up her sleeve to counteract...

But he didn't hold his breath.

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