pledged_to_me: (A Cambric Shirt)
Brigid Erin Aine O'Donnell [Republic of Ireland] ([personal profile] pledged_to_me) wrote 2010-10-15 04:49 am (UTC)

This has pretty much made my week, really it has. Please tell your friend I said thank you. I just really think if you're going to play a nation, it'd be best to know what you're talking about, so I just sat down and effectively rewrote the whole of the Republic's wikipedia article (by hand and then typed it up) and bought four books on Irish history, as well as checked several out of the library. And then just this past week I subscribed to the Irish Times email digests and started following their twitter. I... have a lot of time on my hands, plus I'm 1/8th Irish so I really want to get things right.

I don't mind at all, no! And really, your comment was a major reason I decided to post, when I'd been hemming and hawing over doing so for awhile now. I'll probably end up doing it again eventually. I'm actually rather shy (and a bit rambbly, it would seem), but I'm up for plotting at some point as well.

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