([identity profile] wrote in [personal profile] pledged_to_me 2010-11-30 07:57 pm (UTC)

Why yes, yes you are! I will be sure to read both hers and your stuff in the future, even if it means I need to make a real journal to stalk to you lot. But don't underestimate yourself; even without an England to play off of, your understanding of Irish history, current events, language and culture is stunning, as is your characterization. I have very, very high expectations for female original characters, I'm a bit jaded because such a vast majority are God awful, males too but I've had more bad experiences with females and mary sues. But your is so far from that I don't think I have seen and will see a better Ireland, so please, really, don't underestimate yourself, luv. I hope Himaruya doesn't ever attempt an official Ireland; she/he simply won't match up.

Well, alright then. I do enjoy flicking through your posts and journal entries, I really do hope it's not a bother.

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